About Us


The new Ceylon Gem Bureau is to carve out a niche in tourism market making use of the country’s high quality gems, traditional
and modern craftsmanship, highly skilled gem cutting facilities and the hospitality of Sri Lankans.
Enhancing its market position, Ceylon Gem Bureau recently opened a new gem and jewellery centre
at 83, Dhramapla Mawatha, Colombo 3 with the aim of catering to the niche high- end tourist clientele.
Elegantly handcrafted jewellery-from necklaces and bracelets to rings and earrings are being displayed at the showroom that
complements and enhances the beauty of jewellery.
It depicts the world’s highest quality gemstones and precious metals fused by immaculate craftsmanship to turn out jewels.
The name “Ceylon” still reigns supreme in the glittering world of gems in Sri Lanka.
When the name Ceylon was dropped in favour of Sri Lanka in 1972, Baba Salim, a renowned gem trader captured and preserved the
romantic old world nuance by naming his business Ceylon Gem Bureau.
The significance of that name still remains in this reputed House of Gems and Jewels with a long history, as Baba Salim’s
eldest son, Ifthikar Salim continues the business as Ceylon Gem Bureau in the true tradition of his late father.